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    Darryl House, Phil S 33, navajo

    we lost power on a regular basis and learned very quickly to have water, lamps, battery & oil, and wood for the stoves, as well as food that didn't require much, if any, cooking.  We've survived in place for several days at a time, summer and winter.  Winter, we had a natural icebox; summer, we didn't need to warm the house and the grill was lots more fun to cook on.  
    My latest experience was hunkering down with my dog, for three days in a house without any alternate source of heat where we were trapped by fifteen inches of snow.  I had sterno to heat water and food.  I shut off one little room and lit a big tray full of pillar candles.  The candles gave off some heat and the flames gave the illusion of a fireplace, win, win.
    I was super grateful that the water stayed on, and with the land line phone I stayed in touch with my family.  I kept water and birdseed out for the little dickey birds, so they were happy.  My dog had a challenge finding a place to relieve herself in the deep snow, but she managed by trampling out some trails.  I caught up on crosswords, books and even a jigsaw during the day light hours.

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