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  •  Henry generally opposed Lutheran and Calvinist (12+ / 0-)

    theological innovations in "his" Church.  Basically, near the end of his reign Henry reverted to religious conservatism, so that his Church of England was essentially Catholicism without the Pope.  His son Edward while King was surrounded by many proponents of "reform," such as his Seymour uncles.  Elizabeth, after Mary's short Catholic interregnum, established a Church that was basically moderately Reformist in theology -- e.g., the Eucharist not as real transubstantiation but as more symbolic -- but still very "Catholic" in church ritual and structure (especially retention of bishops) but not in decoration (hence the destruction of stained-glass windows and statutes and covering up of murals as in the Stratford-upon-Avon church).  

        Controversies about these issues between King Charles I (the son of Elizabeth's cousin and successor, James I, a Scottish Protestant) and Parliament and the Scottish government led to Charles' execution and the English Civil War or, more accurately, War of the Three Kingdoms (England, Scotland, Ireland).  The basic issue was not resolved definitively until the "Glorious Revolution" replaced the Catholic James II (Charles I's son & Charles II's brother) with the Protestant William and Mary (James's daughter, a.k.a., serpent's tooth) and the principal was established that a Catholic could not inherit the crown.  

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