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View Diary: John Nichols unearths yet another Republican-backed Electoral College-rigging push (116 comments)

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  •  How so? (17+ / 0-)
    it also systematically thwarts the will of the people in a given state.
    This is just flat out wrong.  The problem with this scheme is not that it fails to reflect the will of the people in the state -- in fact, arguably it reflects the will of the people in the state much better than does the current winner-take-all approach.  If all states adopted this system, the national distribution of electors would be very close to the distribution of the national popular vote -- a good thing IMHO.  

    The problem here comes in when you mix the two systems.  In effect, the Republicans want to take all the Democrats' share of electors in Red states (via winner take all) and and still get the Republicans' share of electors in Blue states (via the proportional model).  In neither case is "the will of the people in a given state" being thwarted (though many people might argue that the winner-take-all approach does thwart the will of the people) -- but the will of the people on a national basis could well be thwarted by the mix of the two systems.

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