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View Diary: John Nichols unearths yet another Republican-backed Electoral College-rigging push (116 comments)

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  •  It looks just fine ... (0+ / 0-)

    to "normal people who play by the rules." In fact, it looks much fairer than the current system, where the votes of 49% of the people in a state are totally ignored in awarding electoral college votes.  And at the individual state level, it is much fairer, no question about it.  But at the national level, the mix of proportional and winner-take-all states can potentially be toxic.

    •  One set of rules (0+ / 0-)

      for blue states and another for red states... yeah, I'd say there's a "potential" problem there.

      Heads I win, tails you lose...

      "A lie is not the other side of a story; it's just a lie."

      by happy camper on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 05:56:41 AM PST

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