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View Diary: Abbreviated pundit roundup: The NRA is seriously overplaying its hand (137 comments)

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    Your right about one thing white use to add up to 32% of the world population.How it
    adds up to 8% of the world population.White people are going extinct.So any voting that was won .Was because we are already out number by minority's.Plus with  white democrats that are helping to make sure that white people will go extinct.I don't understand Democratic Christian how you can call yourself a Christian.I mean Your helping every Anti American Organization in the world. The same one's that were shouting no more God at your Democratic convention .The same people that want to kill you the first chance they get because you are a christian.The same people that have set up a baby killing assembly line in America.How many is it now 1 million a year. whats it going to be next year 2 million it's just like human sacrifice.I think you people are quite misguided.
    You see the problem with white people is that they don't stick together like minority's do.We come from European descendants.The black are killing every white person they can get their hand on in South Africa. They have almost have kill them all off.And once the illegal get citizenship you might as well call  our country United States Of Mexico.Every white person will become the minority.If your a white guy?You can't stick up for your own race. You are call a racist.But the Blacks can do it .The Mexican can do it.The Chinese have 1 billion Chinese people.The Muslim can do it .But if your white you can't stand up for your own race.One day your white ancestor will be waking up in the morning . And hoping those minority's won't do to them what whites have done to them in the past.White people they are destroying themselves and to stupid to know it for all their supposed smarts.

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