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    but thanks for commenting.

    During WWII there was a considerable "Arms Race" on to be the first to develop this application of poor Einstein's E=mc^2 [it was inevitable, alas]. Which, after said development, both Einstein and Oppenheimer spoke out vehemently against (and rued their roles). You do know that at Trinity there was a betting pool on whether or not the yield would ignite the atmosphere and wipe out life on earth, don't you? It's kind of like experiments going on right now with the theoretical potential to create black holes that might swallow the earth, or cause an instantaneous phase change in the state of 'reality' to make it impossible for life ever to have existed in the first place. They don't care what the risks are. They're Boys With Toys.

    They indeed did risk life on earth in toto, and that's exactly what the public was led to believe would happen. They did it anyway, while stoking the public's fear of just that. Really.

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