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    Deep Harm, Simplify

    They of course knew that glaciers move, actually 'flow' downhill from the high country where they accumulate to the ocean where they calve into icebergs. Yet another gravity related incident.

    They probably figured the Greenland sheet was stable because it covers the entirety of the 'island' to a fairly even depth - isn't flowing from mountains to sea. But it wouldn't have taken too much time, energy or money to test the stability of the ice cap for a few years before they went hog wild with this nutty idea. Which occurred to them in 1958, and wasn't finished until 1961. By then surely the first tunnel was showing signs of ice movement.

    Reminds me of the sloppy siting of nuclear plants in places like the US and Japan. They ignored the amassing evidence of plate tectonics, only to "discover" some 40 years later (when they were seeking license renewals and plate tectonics had become accepted geoscience) that there's faults everywhere. Why, one of 'em runs right through the reactor pad of the North Anna I plant - I got to see it and laugh at their solution while digging the pit. Just wire the earth together with rebar, that's the ticket! And yes, the NRC approved it.

    These folks are no Einsteins... §;o)

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