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  •  The problem is that the grades (0+ / 0-)

    don't actually deal with this notion that the subjects are not separable.  The grading system CLAIMS to be scoring the students in different subjects.  If as you say this is impossible, then stop grading as if it was.  Give one overall summary grade instead of itemizing it by subject.

    •  Not really. (0+ / 0-)

      The grade from one class to another can still be different even if the standards are the same (as they will be in Common Core - history now has the same standards as I do in English, just different content; math is still different, but everything else is following the literacy standards for now and Science and SS will still do so later, though I believe some elective standards are coming).

      What a student does in one class and how they react to content may differ - a student may demonstrate more understanding of the standards in one place or another. Some students can perform to standards in all subject areas and topics and settings, and some can perform differently in one class or another.

      I agree that grading is an imperfect system (plenty still depends on the teacher, and, in theory, it shouldn't). But there's nothing to say that the subjects can't use literacy standards.

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