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  •  Ken, thank you so much (4+ / 0-)

    for this. I've been in the midst of this problem ever since I got dragged kicking and screaming into teaching dev. studies writing at my alma mater. I lasted long enough to get furious at the situation that was a constant there - students who could not write because they could not read because they had no "concept imagery" skills.  Because they are working for the teacher, not for their own edification and illumination. They are writing for the teacher, pure and simple. I solved this to a degree by making their peers their audience using the web, and got squeezed out of a job by the (no longer there) incompetent administrator who just wanted me to weed out the smart ones and let the rest fall through the cracks. Of the 125 students I had, I suspect less than 10 ever completed their coursework. I have found that the only ones who get the kind of support they need are the student athletes and then not unless they are both self-aware and brave enough to risk MIND SHAME by asking for help. Tutors are available but there's still a stigma even for the athletes.

    I cry every time another one slips through the cracks.

    I tried to show the university what I was learning about the tools that can be useful in that situation. One of my favorites was the tool which I highly recommend to any and all.  

    Gotta run. I have a women's basketball game today - my girl Ronneka Robertson, from the backwaters of Louisiana, is now a starter. I held onto her for dear life and we used the VT to help her 'see' the words in her mind. She is my success story.  So far.  

    I can do everything but earn a living.

    by alabamaliberal on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 07:12:14 AM PST

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