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  •  the whole situation at the university level (2+ / 0-)
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    is far worse than you can imagine.

    we are corporatizing even our public institutions, especially our public institutions.

    my department actually hands out demerits to those of us who require the reading of books in our writing classes.

    we have reached this insane level.  our department was reorganized from the very top: the university provost who became president.

    formerly we required thinking and were an American Studies department

    now we are a profession writing department which means we don't study anything but how to produce writing for the corporate structure.  period.

    this means the standardized curriculum is content free and is structured around producing canned writing assignments.  they learn how to produce solipsistic writing that expands nothing about their vision of the world.  its easy and they give the classes high evaluations because as one of my students told me: I was told I could get an A without attending class.  He failed my course because he thought he was in one of those sections.

    I am trying to work past 65 in order to not be poor in my old age, but I have absolutely no power to fight any of this.

    Even the most highly respected professors in the humanities on my campus have absolutely no power to challenge this system and are running for corners of the institution.  

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    by BlueDragon on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 08:33:08 AM PST

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