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  •  Florence Nightingale's attention to air quality... (1+ / 0-)
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    A Siegel

    represented some of the first modern thinking about the relationship of environmental conditions to human health status. Florence Nightingale's book, Notes on Nursing (first published in 1860), offers specific information on how environmental factors impact health.

    Air quality, water quality, light, and nutrition were her priorities. She was so adamant about the importance of good air quality and ventilation that she prioritized it as the "first cannon of nursing."

    I'm proud that National Nurses United is supporting  environmentally responsible and socially just health policy by taking a stand against the Keytone XL pipeline. It is well within the nursing scope of practice to change decisions that are against the interests of their patients and their  communities.

    Nurses have long promoted resource conservation and environmental responsibility. As Florence Nightingale correctly observed, clean air and clean water are requisites to health and healing.

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