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  •  Lots more misunderstandings here (1+ / 0-)
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    You seem to be under the misunderstanding that military-purpose firearms are in general more powerful than civilian-purpose firearms.  This is not true.  Military firearms are only designed for shooting man-sized animals.  Some hunting rifles are designed for shooting at much larger animals, and are correspondingly more powerful.  Some of the big magnum hunting rounds have very high muzzle velocities, very long ranges, etc., and are yet absolutely necessary for certain hunting purposes like taking brown/grizzly bears.

    If you banned cartridges above a certain velocity you'd be banning mostly varmint cartridges anyway (such as .204 Ruger, .22-250 Remington, or .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum).  Varmint cartridges need to be extremely high velocity because you're shooting at very small, easily-frightened targets (pest animals such as prarie dogs, ground hogs, nutria, etc.) at long range, and the quicker your round gets there the less it will be deflected by wind and gravity, so the more accurate the shot.

    Extremely high velocity rounds aren't nearly as useful against human-sized targets because human-sized targets are much larger, and there are lots of drawbacks to extremely high velocity rounds that make them unsuitable for many other situations, such as short barrel life.

    Long story short, you would propose to ban or set regulations on something without knowing the first thing about it.  You wouldn't let Republicans get away with it when they try to make the day-after pill unobtainable because it's "abortion", so why should we let you get away with it in this situation?

    Exactly how many lives would your purported "sniper" ban save anyway?  Do you have any idea how few people are killed in truly sniper situations outside of warfare?  Even the DC Beltway "sniper" was just using a regular AR-15, at ranges much less than what every single soldier and marine routinely train at -- and the common rifleman is not a sniper, and does not have a sniper rifle.

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