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  •  Thank you for sharing that. I used to be a little (2+ / 0-)
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    billmosby, Chaddiwicker

    less understanding about this issue of status and possessions, but as I've grown older, I understand it better.

    For me, personally, I think one of the greatest blessings have been that I've never cared about material things, nice homes, nice cars, etc.

    If you put me next to another person, on the surface, you'll see similar things, I'm very competitive at work and business, when I'm able to, I like to drive nice (sporty) cars, if I can, I like to live in a nice home in a safe neighborhood.

    But if (and when I had) loose it all, I just shrug my shoulders and start again; but it's never a big deal.

    That to me, personally, have been my salvation.  But again, I fully understand that that would be very difficult for most people in our society, and I have empathy with people who get distraught when their standard of living is threatened.

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