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  •  I travel both alone and with others (25+ / 0-)

    ...and there are very different feelings and constraints in either situation.  

    I visited family in Denmark, and while they worked during the day, I'd wander Copenhagen by myself, walking, taking buses (even a train out to Roskilde, to see the cathedral where all the kings/queens are buried), and stopping where I wanted to stop, without setting a schedule or limits on what I could or couldn't do that day.  

    I can certainly relate to the "zen" feeling when you travel and wander alone.  There's a certain feeling of being in a crowd, but not of the crowd.  And I spent a wonderful hour (or so... :-) , sitting up on top of, I think it was, Rundetaarn (the Round Tower), just watching the city from above, seeing the patterns of people walking, biking, shopping, and kind of soaking in the energy and the "feel" of the city.  It's the kind of thing that is really tough to do with other people wanting to go see the next sight.  

    But, it's a memory that will stick with me for the rest of my life -- the feeling is vivid even today (and that was probably 9-10 years ago), and I suspect will continue to be.  

    Why isn't my IRA worth $100M???

    by Jill on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 08:58:57 AM PST

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