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    I have the same preference for solitude, the same sense of the power of moving through the world invisible. I had it when I was young, because I was shy and quiet and, I thought, unattractive, though I've learned since than that my invisibility was an illusion, that I really was seen. Necessity required me to travel alone, often. There was no leash, or anyone to hold it. Perhaps I was just lucky, or cautious enough. Now that I am to old to be seen "that" way, I, too, find it empowering.

    These days, though I still have to travel alone more often than not, I find I prefer to travel with a companion. Not because I'm afraid or want to be "safer" but because I'd rather have some company to share the experience with. Fortunately, I have a spouse who is exactly the same about solitude, who is equally comfortable journeying companionably or "alone but together" and is willing to negotiate every plan and doesn't mind if I go off by myself for a bit. Alone is all right; the camouflage of a good companion is more enjoyable to me, now. And sharing the "chores" of travel is less tiring.

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