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View Diary: Karl Rove defends new scam (51 comments)

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    Rove is no Dick Morris.  There was a time when Dick Morris was a smart '90's Dem pollster who helped keep the Clintons in office.  He stayed credible until about 2004, afterwhich, he figured out he could make a lot more money selling out and just telling the Fox News and Limbaugh/Hannity true-believers what they wanted to hear.  I used to hang on his every word, because he was usually right.   Now, I can't stand to hear him talk - I'm embarassed for him.

    Rove has never prostituted himself and hacked himself out the way Morris has.  That election night melt down was just a combination of denial, spin, and despair.  It was a very tough night to be a GOP'er.  Like being a Dem in 2004 or 2010.  

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