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  •  Guaranteed to drive people crazy (10+ / 0-)

    The military gave out a lot of missile commander scholarships, which came with a requirement to spend two years, sometimes in North Dakota. I went to grad school with a couple of them, and their stories were ... interesting.

    Apparently, there are few things more boring, and harder to get people to sign up for than extended shifts, underground, in the middle of nowhere. I gather they often developed paranoia about ringing phones (often from superior officers looking to handle short-staffing at the last minute).

    •  That paranoia, in SAC in the '70s, ran common (6+ / 0-)

      to about every SP/LE and augmentee in 8th Air Force, or at least all the ones serving on Barksdale the same time I did.

      I can't believe they still had those six-seat Dodge crewcab one-ton pickups on the alert line in the 1990s. We thought they were close to end of service life in the 70s.

      That informal intel network, at least in / around Air Police, worked really well -- NCOs would start muttering not-quite-inaudibly on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning about the appeal of being off-base/out of town starting about 16:32 hours on Fridays ... and, inevitably, we'd have a recall sometime between 16:40 Friday and 0900 Sunday, with all that entailed.

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