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  •  I don't want my son to pass (0+ / 0-)

    "every single test public school kids are required to pass". I don't want to have to teach to their tests. I want him to learn how to write correctly and not just give the correct answer without real grammar and thought (see some of the diaries of late by teachers on the quality of standardized testing). Also, not all kids test well. Our kids aren't "standard". They don't have "standard" educational needs. It took me three years to catch him up to where he should have been in several subjects when I decided to home school him. He had passed the FCAT EVERY year. I don't know how, unless the school was cheating. He couldn't add and subtract fractions at the end of fifth grade (I pulled him out before sixth), and yet he could pass the FCAT?? He couldn't write a coherent paragraph, and yet he passed the FCAT's writing portion? At every IEP meeting they told me he was "below grade level" and yet every year he was successful on the FCAT. Why should I hold him to those standards?
    I'd rather he was doing what he's doing now, in 11th grade and studying Biology out of my college Biology book, with added information from Khan Academy and college lectures and webpages online. He may not know the rote answers they learn to take that test, but he knows how to think and articulate his ideas correctly.

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    by FloridaSNMOM on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 06:29:19 PM PST

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