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  •  First installment of a series now up. (1+ / 0-)
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    Meteor Blades

    It's under my IRL name - I've been not-actively hiding the association since the publication of Her Final Year.

    It's titled From Eagle to Dodo: The energy, environmental and sustainability devolution of the United States.

    The series will have several parts - this first one simply establishes the baseline: that we're all in this together, on a giant rock hurtling through space.

    The rest of series will touch on basics like food, water, waste, energy, recycling, sustainability, policy etc.

    Here's the full series as planned:

    From Eagle to Dodo - A Giant Rock (the one linked to above)
    From Eagle to Dodo - Global Climate Change
    From Eagle to Dodo: Matters of National (in)Security
    From Eagle to Dodo: Mercury (Levels) Rising
    From Eagle to Dodo - Deep Waters
    From Eagle to Dodo - Food Stuffs
    From Eagle to Dodo - Aftermath
    From Eagle to Dodo - Challenging Fundamentals

    Please check it out. I'll let folks know as each piece is published; I'm hoping it'll turn into a paying gig, but I'll need more eyeballs for that.

    Anything you can do to help spread the word would be appreciated.


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