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View Diary: Virginia Republicans kill their own mid-decade redistricting plan (26 comments)

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  •  My worry about Pennsylvania... (1+ / 0-)
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    Is that the GOP, seeing the outrage generated by the "gerrymander the districts and then use the districts to award the majority of the state's electoral vote to the guy who lost the state" plan will switch to "divide Pennsylvania's electoral votes according to its popular vote."  Advantages for the GOP:

    (1) It looks less outrageous.  In fact, it would be perfectly fair if adopted nationwide (which is not true of the congressional districts plan)--but of course that is not what the GOP aims to do.

    (2) It lessens the danger that helped block the districts plan in 2012--namely that the Democrats will concentrate on winning the few purplish districts for the national ticket, thereby endangering GOP congressmen and state legislators from those districts.

    (3) The GOP can claim "the Democrats tried it in Colorado in 2004" (some Democrats did indeed try it but by the time of the election, state Democratic officials had come out against it).

    What opponents of such a plan have to point out is not only that it is still unfair (if done only in blue-ish states) but that it would mean Pennsylvania's electoral vote would be certain in advance--11 votes for the Democrat, 9  for the Republican, unless there is a national landslide for either party.  (OK, in a bad year for national Democrats it might be 10-10, but this means that at most one electoral vote is at stake.)  This leaves neither presidential candidate with any incentive to pay any attention to Pennsylvania's interests...

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