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View Diary: Tough Choice: If DOJ Prosecutes Wall Street, Banks Could Collapse (196 comments)

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    So, ahhh, criminal organizations will fall because of the criminals who run them.  That's a bad thing?

    I believe that the main reason the Obama administration has actively participated in the cover up and protection of top banking executives who may have committed crimes is because if serious investigations were to proceed, it would result in the unraveling of a massive and ongoing pyramid (or ponzi) scheme by the too-big-to fail banks.
    I believe that is a crime in and of itself.  Covering up criminal behavior is an impeachable offense.  If your scenario is indeed the truth, than Obama should not be in the White House but should be impeached.  

    Too many people lost their homes, their future, and their hope because of the criminals on Wall Street.  A president and a Justice Department who coddle those criminals should be in jail right beside them.  

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