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View Diary: We are winning! Voters Rejecting the NRA! (151 comments)

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  •  Vast majority of NRA voters already vote GOP (4+ / 0-)
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    The NRA is threatening to put the Democratic Party in a position to win elections while getting blown out in among the older, white, male voting block.

    Wait a second! The Democratic Party is already getting blown out by the older, white, male demographic. And it is already winning elections, because it enjoys support in demos that are not older, not white, and not male.

    IOW, the NRA has nothing but blanks to shoot at the Democratic Party. Anyone who is listening to the NRA has voted against the Democratic Party for decades.

    And what are they going to do to threaten the GOP? If they don't support the GOP they are out of the lobby business. More NRA blanks.

    What? You say there are millions of older, white, male voters who used to vote Democratic but who will stop if Democrats pursue gun control?

    I reckon you are wrong. Democrats are already losing that demo about 5:3 or worse. Gun-uncontrol simply is not bound to make that demo significantly worse. And every passing year makes that demo less and less important.

    The time to stand up for gun control is now. The opposition is boxed in, and the long-term projections favor the gun control side.

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