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View Diary: The Postal Service is being systematically destroyed. (234 comments)

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  •  vulture capitolists after the USPS (0+ / 0-)

    In 2006 the Republican Congress mandated that the USPS pay for the next 75 YEARS of healthcare costs. The death blow was that they must do this in a 10 yr period.
      No agency or corporation has ever had to do such a thing in such a short time. So every year on day 1, before 1 stamp is sold, the USPS is in the RED for over 5 BILLION dollars.
     (Note...NO tax money goes to the USPS.)
      Ask yourself why would they do this to the USPS..I did.
    Then I did some digging. The USPS has over 300,000 union jobs with good middle class wages and benefits. They also have many property assets. If a Bain Capitol or other such entity took it over I doubt the 300,000 good jobs would continue. The big executives would suck the money out, pay the workers more like Walmart, sell a ton of assets for a huge profit and so long to our USPS.
     It is no coincidence that Fed Ex and UPS donate a lot of money to the GOP.
      What is sad is that most Americans do not know the USPS pays for itself. They do not know the killer mandate by the GOP in 2006 is the primary reason they are in the red. If we want to save the middle class instead of complaing that postal workers have good wages and benefits we should be asking why most of us do not.
      The LAST thing we need is another Walmart scenario where people are paid $8.81/hr and have no benefits. Why? because we, tax payers, have to subsidize these workers with food stamps etc while Wal mart makes record breaking profits.
       Stand up for our USPS and fight for good middle class jobs EVERYWHERE.

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