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  •  Your tale resonates. Chronic pain (3+ / 0-)
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    structures my life too. I have severe lumbar scoliosis compounded by a lot of arthritis now, degenerative, which will only get worse. I've tried everything but surgery also, for the same reasons you describe.

    The pain med I depend on is tramadol, which I've been on for some years. It targets spine pain only, I've found, doesn't touch headaches or anything else, but it eases the cramping, similar to what the relaxation of sleep does, when I'm able to sleep, for a few hours at a time. As a pseudo opioid it doesn't build up resistance the way narcotics do, at least for me, so I've been able to maintain a steady dose that's still effective. Of course I have an array of other things I do, like daily pt exercises, hot tub soak, lying down for several hours throughout the day, wearing a back brace if I have to be up long. Have you considered tramadol as an alternative to narcotics?

    You are a good and caring husband. You may feel helpless, but I am certain she values what you do, especially all the daily little things. I know I do, the daily kindness and attention of my husband.

    Keep at it, working on solutions. Your love gives you strength. I hope you find something that helps.

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