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View Diary: If you ugly broads at the Defense Intelligence Agency wear flats and pants, the terrorists have won (209 comments)

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    Shahryar, Silvia Nightshade

    an FDR Democrat, champion of womens rights  and peace activist is spinning like a top at your dead sickie post that somehow tries to equate women and the right to kill like the best of them with progress or what women have throughout history worked to achieve. It's not the right to kill along side the armed male forces that fight for nothing but the profit and glory of our corporate overlords with their evil visions of hegemony and dominance using our military as enforcement. Jeeze one front pager after another touting really sick policy as progress and democratic. Get a grip if you care about women or all humanity. The picture is offensive as a human and as a woman makes me cringe as this is not what a sane society calls equality. It's fucking sick.        

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