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  •  I hear ya. Everybody has to find what works (7+ / 0-)

    for them in their given situation.

    And I do wonder about how long I can deal with a ladder to a loft. With one this length, we could convert a part on the main floor to a bedroom.

    But, clearly I'm not sure this is the long-term solution for me. This is more for Zuna and to create a transitional space so that my options are more open. Ultimately, I will likely live in something else.

    I think my perfect size space would be about 20 x 20. And I'd sleep on the main floor. But, even if we built another mobile tiny house, I'd likely build one that's more like this (layout-wise):

    and, if I lived with someone else, we'd have to go the drawing board together to figure out what works for us. Right now, I don't have a partner to work that out with.

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