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View Diary: The Strange and Disturbing World of Illegal Trash Dumping (203 comments)

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  •  I work in an archaeological/historic park (1+ / 0-)
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    and trash and vandalism are a nightmare.

    People come in at night and dump truckloads of trash--old destroyed sheds, appliances, anything they can get in the back of a truck.

    A couple of times we've been able to find paperwork that traced back to the probable dumper and turned it over to the sheriff's department, which actually pursued the case.

    Then there's the thousands of empty beer cans (Keystone Light predominates, it's the cheapest stuff out there), used disposable diapers tossed into the bushes, used condoms, and piles of human feces complete with toilet paper.

    We're constantly repairing picnic tables, benches, and signs ripped apart for firewood.

    I was cleaning up one picnic/camping site and found used syringes (one camper had diabetes) tossed into the fire ring and left for the next folks.

    It's a side of human nature that gives you a dim view of humanity.

    When atlatls are outlawed, only outlaws will have atlatls.

    by wheeldog on Fri Feb 08, 2013 at 08:10:24 AM PST

    •  The spring and park pictured in this diary (0+ / 0-)

      was so trashed up that it apparently is barely used any more. Hard to tell during the winter. But the picnic tables were in disrepair, trash was on the ground everywhere, and all of the interpretive signs had disappeared. It looked like the folks in charge of maintaining the place had given up. Very sad.

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