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View Diary: Scariest Horror Movie - not the Exorcist, it's the PBS documentary on the Texas Board of Education (63 comments)

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  •  the pattern has been consistent since the 80's (7+ / 0-)

    The kookers run a stealth campaign and get elected.

    Once in office, they do kooky things.

    People don't like the kooky things, vote them out, and un-do the kooky things. (This may or may not involve the kooks getting dragged into court and losing.)

    After a few years, people forget the kooky things, and the kooks run another stealth campaign and get elected.

    Repeat ad nauseum.

    •  no doubt. (1+ / 0-)
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      People have already forgotten or revised things Bush/Cheney did and that was only a few years ago. But then again, I'm "old" and the years fly by quicker than they used to.

      "Watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical, a liberal, fanatical, criminal..."-7.75, -5.54

      by solesse413 on Fri Feb 08, 2013 at 11:34:16 AM PST

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