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View Diary: Eugene Robinson on Assassination by Remote Control (75 comments)

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  •  A shocking contrast - the real vs. imagined evils (0+ / 0-)

    Throughout the past five years we have witnessed hyperbole, lies and outlandish distortion of the truth employed to trash the President's reputation. One could call these imagined evils.

    -- Not a legal President (birtherism)
    -- He's a socialist/fascist/communist
    --- See above healthcare reform
    -- Black helicopters, subservience to the UN
    --- See above - guns, taking of
    --- See above - new world order
    -- Bought & paid for by Wall Street & yet simultaneously
    -- An enemy of Capitalism

    Plus a dozen other imagined evils that demand new page entries at

    These days the top on the list of these imagined evils would be the taking of guns - tomorrow it will be something else.

    It never is this question about the constitutionality of authority to kill, to kill an American citizen, to kill kill an American inconveniently ensconced in a foreign uncooperative land.

    That a large number of the U.S. population sees no problem with this new and purportedly selective version of death from above should matter next to nothing.

    Truly, a yawning silence from friends and opponents both on the clearest of issues.

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