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View Diary: KKK Plans Protest Over Memphis Re-Naming Parks Honoring Confederacy (35 comments)

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    While General Nathan Bedford Forrest was probably not the nicest man to walk the Earth (he committed some egregious war crimes, even by 19th century standards), it is notable that over time Forrest disavowed the Klan & urged others to quit.

    From PBS:

    By the end of his life, Forrest's racial attitudes would evolve — in 1875, he advocated for the admission of blacks into law school — and he lived to fully renounce his involvement with the all-but-vanished Klan. A new, different, and much worse Klan would emerge, 35 years after Forrest's death, in the wake of D.W. Griffith's revolutionary 1915 film, Birth of a Nation, a reactionary screed with a racialist brief that had been expanded to include Catholics and immigrants of all kinds.

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