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View Diary: Baylee's Story, Part II (33 comments)

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  •  This.... (13+ / 0-) what gets me about late term abortions. The old white guys  that insist on legislating the uterus like THEY are more knowledgable than those science people (doctors) seem to think women flounce into clinics late term and say "I changed my mind. I don't feel like having this baby after all". I can't fathom this EVER happening in the real world. This story is the real world. This one here.

    Thing is. For the most part these women have been silent. The anti-choice nutters have been so effective with their rhetoric, no one feels free to come forward with the truth. Of course, everyone wishes they could maintain privacy in these matters but if even a few had come forward and very publicly told the world the reality of late term abortions, public opinion would be a whole lot different.

    Thank you for telling this story. It's important. Someone has to start speaking out and you've done so well.

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