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View Diary: Chris Christie placed angry call to doctor who expressed concern about his weight (360 comments)

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  •  "Shut Up" is an entirely appropriate response (5+ / 0-)

    So some stranger is entitled to come up and accost you in public about things they think you're being "not healthy" about, and you're not entitled to respond with "shut up"?

    Shall I start approaching people a the McDonald's drive thru, taking their pictures, and publishing them online, while speculating when they'll have their first heart attack?  Would they be entitled to tell me to shut up?

    How about if I see you out having a drink with friends, laughing and having a good time, and I have a terrible concern for your liver.  Hey, it's not funny to wreck your liver and laugh about that!  You need some public shaming from me, because I , of course, have NO bad habits, and am wise, so I can lecture public...and you are not entitled to tell me to "shut up".

    Many people have bad habits that can harm their health.  This doesn't constitute "sending a message".  If I'm fat and I joke about being fat, it's none of your damn business, and if you insist on getting up on some high horse to tell me "Hey, you're fat!  You're gonna die.", "Shut up" would be the nicest part of my response to you.

    •  Christie is a national figure who is (2+ / 0-)
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      coquiero, SaintC

      openly positioning himself for a Presidential run in 2016. His health, therefore, is a public issue -- he has made it so by putting himself out there as a national figure.

      If he were a private citizen (like the examples in your comment), it would be different circumstances, and he would absolutely be entitled to be left alone on this and other issues concerning his personal health.

      So, your comment above is a 100% epic fail.

      •  oh come on (4+ / 0-)

        We just finished an inauguration.  The next one is 4 years away.  You think something that might happen in 4 years gives you license to claim you have some vital interest in this man's health, or that it's a topic for national discussion?  By doctors who have never examined him?

        That's a pretty weak excuse for claiming you have some valid interest in this.

        Listen, all you fat shamers, take heart.  There's 4 years to go.  According to you, it's of vital national interest that he could die at any moment.  So, what are you all so concerned about?  Four years is a long time for a fat guy.

        I really hate it when WE act like the stupid party and take our cues from rethuglican behavior.

        •  Any suggestion that Christie is not (0+ / 0-)

          positioning himself to be a national leader of the Republican Party, and a candidate in 2016, demonstrates an ignorance of reality and of what the man has been saying.

          Like other serious medical conditions, obesity is very much a national concern. It is  very difficult to overcome, despite one's best efforts. His very public denial (and mocking) of the seriousness of the condition -- both by joking about it on Letterman and his subsequent "shut-up" remark -- is shameful.

          By your contorted logic, if he had lung cancer or emphysema, went on Letterman, lit up a cigarette, and joked about it, that would be fine too.  

          •  Your strawman is fat (2+ / 0-)
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            Jojos Mojo, tachyonlabs
            Any suggestion that Christie is not positioning himself to be a national leader of the Republican Party, and a candidate in 2016, demonstrates an ignorance of reality and of what the man has been saying.
            Did I ever suggest that?  What I suggested is that the possibility that someone might enter the republican primary 4 years from now does not give you a vested interest in the man's health, such that you can disregard all standards of privacy, proportion, and decency and begin concern-trolling about his imminent threat to the citizens of the US.

            Here's a fire extinguisher, put your hair out.  We have plenty of real concerns about Republicans, we don't need to troll the fat guy just because there are plenty of petty people who will cheer us on for it.

            By your contorted logic, if he had lung cancer or emphysema, went on Letterman, lit up a cigarette, and joked about it, that would be fine too.  
            Fat is not a disease.  It's not cancer or emphysema.  Even if he did as you suggest in your inept comparison, my answer would be the same -  it's nothing to do with me, and doctors shouldn't volunteer unasked for diagnoses of strangers in public.  

            Since you like comparisons, here's one.  We frequently deride conservatives for shutting down any new bills at all without cutting something else to pay for it, because under Bush, this happened all the time, and they didn't say a peep.  So here you are, all worried and concerned about some guy who might try in 4 years to win the R nomination and run for president, yet recently we elected a guy (twice!), who is your actual president, right now.  Certainly this is much more immediate than something with maybe a chance in 4 years! This guy smokes, so I've gone looking to see how many concerned diaries and comments you've written about that.  Crickets.

            I hate when we act like stupid Republicans.

            I am disappointed with all the excuses people are making in these comments to justify getting into someone's personal health business.  We all remember roe v. wade was decided on privacy issues, right?  If it's not your body, it's not your choice, and if he's not your politician, he's not your business.

            •  Your suggestion that (0+ / 0-)

              Obesity is not a serious public health problem is silly to the max.

              And the fact that the next Presidential election will begin several years from now is completely beside the point. It ignores the reality that he is now a national political figure, one with a following. Laughing at his own extreme obesity, as he did on Letterman, was a disgrace. It is a serious condition that he obviously struggles with, and it is no laughing matter. Instead of telling people to shut up, or to laugh at his fat jokes on Letterman, he would do better to simply say nothing at all about the subject or, if he really felt he had to mention it, to show a little humility regarding his struggles.  But neither "shut up" and "ha ha" are statements worthy of defending.

              And since you brought up the incredibly stupid comparison to Obama's smoking, you would do well to consider that Obama hasn't made jokes suggesting it smoking is not a serious matter, nor has he told people to shut up about the matter. Apples and oranges.

              •  You just keep taking the high road then (2+ / 0-)
                Recommended by:
                Jojos Mojo, tachyonlabs

                ranting about fat politicians with no impact on your life whatsoever, and when you make progressives look bad, we'll have to say, "oh, he's not one of us, he's just some nut ranting on a blog."

              •  Does fat hurt anyone other than the person being.. (1+ / 0-)
                Recommended by:

                .fat?  No?  Then it's not your place to butt in on what is already a complicated issue for us fatties.  We know we're fat, and we don't really appreciate other people reminding us of something we already knew about ourselves.

                So yeah, "shut up" was perfectly appropriate for Christie to say in this case.  

                •  With all due respect (0+ / 0-)

                  This is not about you or any other private individual.

                  It's about a national leader, someone laying the groundwork for a serious run for the highest office in this land, publically and loudly proclaiming that his extreme obesity is either a laughing matter or one of no consequence or significance.

                  •  It doesn't matter whether one is a public... (0+ / 0-)

                    figure or not.  It's still not anyone's business how one manages one's health.

                    Needless to say, I doubt Christie is unaware of his health.  He doesn't need a nosy busy-body to tell him.  He has his own doctor for that.

                    •  It very much does matter that he is (0+ / 0-)

                      a political leader, and one who is laying the groundwork for a Presidential run in '16. He voluntarily put the issue out there when he went on Letterman and made fun of his extreme obesity and eating disorder. For goodness sakes, he asked us to laugh at his weight and eating habits. It wasn't funny, and there is nothing wrong with saying so.

                      And his "shut up" remark says much about his temperament, which is more than fair game for a person who will be a Presidential aspirant in the next election.  

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