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View Diary: Bryan Fischer applauds LCMS for disciplining pastor who took part in Sandy Hook vigil (14 comments)

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    for the LCMS.
    I was raised in the LCMS but didn't like it much, even as a child, so as a young adult I switched to a more liberal Lutheran branch, the ELCA.
    I later attended an ELCA church in Japan, but when I returned to the US the only Lutheran church close to my home was LCMS, so I decided to go there.
    The first time I tried to take communion the pastor approached me and told me I couldn't take communion unless I could prove my "credentials" as LCMS.
    I explained that I had been baptized and confirmed in the LCMS but had joined the ELCA and been a member of a church in Japan. I produced records for myself and my children and even had my former pastor write a letter of transfer to the new church.
    The LCMS pastor refused to recognize the validity of my ELCA membership (usually church members can transfer from one church to another based on a transfer letter), and, worse yet, refused to recognize the validity of my children's baptisms by the ELCA church in Japan.
    I did not attempt to join this church. The Episcopalians welcomed me, and I eventually found an ELCA church.
    I wish I could say that the problem was this one pastor, but the LCMS church my parents attended ran things the same way.
    The LCMS apparently believes it holds a monopoly on truth and religious purity, and even other Christians in the same denomination are suspect.
    The funny thing was, one of the hymns I remember them singing at this church was titled "And They'll Know We are Christians by Our Love."
    The LCMS probably thinks Fischer is a problem, too.

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