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View Diary: Occupy Boston Protesters: Guilty and Sentenced Without Trial (162 comments)

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  •  to be fair to EmmaRoseBud, my POV seems to (6+ / 0-)

    be the minority here.

    This site is all about the "D". I'm the outlier.

    My principles don't allow me to put aside my concerns for human and civil rights, sustainability and justice, just for the sake of getting someone elected. (Mostly that's because I don't believe in people have power over other people and what party politics is about is gaining power.)

    It's been clear, for a while, that no one wants to hear about Obama's role in extrajudicial killings and suppression of civil rights.

    Obama is fighting in our federal court system, right now, to keep his newly obtained power to indefinitely detain citizens without charges or a trial. He signed it into law and it's being challenged as unconstitutional and he's fighting that challenge with the full power of the government, including the military.

    Pretty much crickets about that here. If I had mentioned it during the election, I likely would have been banned.

    This site, this community, is not about anything but the D. Those of us who would walk away from the D, even in an election year, because D's are doing as much damage to our civil rights and our democracy as anyone else, are just tolerated until someone decides we might be persuading too many voters not to vote D.

    I'm under no illusions. The mission of the site is clear.

    •  democracy is about power, not freedom (6+ / 0-)

      agree with your comments UnaSpenser about DK

      the 1% are using their power, which includes the power of the state, to subdue the 99%

      this is not new

      Socrates: First, shouldn't we explain how a democracy becomes an oligarchy?

      Adeimantus: Yes

      Socrates: The crucial step is that the rich figure out how to mainpulate politics so the laws benefit them instead of the public.

      Adeimantus: So It Seems

      Plato, Republic, 550d translated by the author and published in the excellent book "Worse Than You Think: The Real Economy Hidden Beneath Washington's Rigged Statistics, And Where To Go From Here" by Keith Quincy.

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