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  •  guess this won't be a popular comment (16+ / 0-)

    but the diary rang a bit true with me.  I read a diary asking for help last week (or so) and decided to look at the history, saw that the diarist had made this plea several times in the past year and had been given thousands of dollars. It made me wonder a bit about how people gain credence here (and elsewhere online) based merely on writing comments and opinions.
    There's evidence in this thread that the fact someone has "participated" here for several years gives them stature. well, maybe.
    I'm not a hard-hearted person and in fact have spent my life working in nonprofits on behalf of people who are in pretty desperate circumstances. I understand how easy it is for lives to get messed up, and I don't judge individuals for problems caused by our society. But that doesn't mean that I beleive everything i hear, either.
    I guess it's just a difference in personalities.  I give quite generously to local organizations I know and trust, but rarely respond to individual stories.  Maybe because I hear so many truly horrific stories, every day.
    Anyway, I agree with Addison that this diary makes some good points and I have no idea what the references are. 'Calling out" someone who is coming here to ask for money seems ironic.

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