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    I can see why people object to the specificity of your diary. You do make an unsubstantiated accusation and probably should have avoided that.

    But the point is valid. Personally I have no clue if that recent diary is valid or a scam. In my case my own family needs enough help that I don't have the resources to help someone I don't personally know, so I don't really respond to the personal plea diaries. That means I don't have to spend much time worrying if they are a scam or not because my own resources are being increasingly put towards my own family's issues.

    I am amazed at how often the entire dKos community gets sucked in by an emotional plea. I myself was fooled by the Nephew and I myself was personally irritated at the skeptics in that case. And fascinated by the drama when it fell apart. The whole phenomenon was weird to me: why would someone bother to do it? Why were we all fooled so easily? Why was I fooled so easily?

    The fact is we can't take at face value anything another person tells us without facts. We all know that but somehow the intertubes can short circuit our normal skepticism. And to be honest, some of these scams are practically works of art in how well they are carried out. If the person who did the Nephew scam had put that level of creativity to something positive, just think what they could accomplish.

    Anyway, can't rec because of the specific reference, but if we don't apply the skepticism you recommend to ALL cases then we aren't learning. Personally I don't know if any of us should give money to other Kossacks we don't personally know unless maybe they are checked out and given some kind of seal of approval by the site managers or something like that. No offense to anyone who has genuinely needed and received help, but without a mechanism to check on the validity of a plea, we will always be susceptible to scams.

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