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  •  the spiders are "ballooning" (1+ / 0-)
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    Footage posted online yesterday shows thousands of spiders "falling from the sky" in the southern Brazilian town of Santo Antônio da Platina.

    "Still do not know what causes such behavior," writes the video's uploader. "We are researching and will post the answer to the question here."

    Newly hatched spiders sometimes want to move into areas of their own when it's crowded. They do that by climbing up as high as they can, wafting out a biiiiiig long puff of silk, and wait for the wind to catch them and carry them away to float off somewhere else.

    Ballooning is how spiders reach islands out at sea.  There have been times when ships hundreds of miles out at sea have become the target of floating spiders falling from the sky.

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      From the comments from the 'source' of this post:

      Balderdashed  18 hours ago
      People seem confused, saying "I don't see any of them falling" and "it's not really raining spiders." The dude holding the camera keeps saying it's "chovendo aranha" - literally, raining spiders - but this is an idiomatic and not a literal phrase. It means an over-abundance of something, vast quantities etc. You could walk into a crowded bar or club and say to your friends, "caramba, tá chuvendo mulher!" - it's raining women here. Or, alternately.. it's raining men. So I don't know if Gawker put this headline up to deliberately lure people here, to be ironic, or to show their proclivity for misleading and inept headlines. Either way, it is in fact not actually raining spiders in this video..
      Misleading headlines are par for the course on the Interwebs these days. Mix in a little language barrier and you get this. Plus the well know fact of someone tells someone a story who then tells someone else a story ... then it gets back to the originator and he can't even recognize it!

      These aren't newly hatched spiders, just a whole lot of them doing what they do.

      And really, reading the comments of the second-hand 'source' it seems the majority of people did not even view the video or if they did even put a little thought into what they were seeing.

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