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  •  I suspect what Dorner is doing (6+ / 0-)

    is attempting to show Americans the reality of the wars they get to ignore.  The tragedies that break hearts here are played out on a daily basis in Afghanistan.  There is no safety and there is no not paying attention.  Add a war with no front lines and every step is dangerous.

    Then the military discipline is gone, but the adrenalin never stops pumping and the threat level never goes down.  So after a while you would kill for a little rest in your brain.  Then you realize the only rest will be when you die. PTSD is a nightmare.  Self inflicted torture.

    Then one day, you're too tired and angry so you say screw this and make the last great gesture of defiance.

    If you're Dorner, you bring the war home to those preening, smug civilians, who screwed you over and up.  You fantasize about giving them a taste of what sort of hell you've lived through. You'll show them what it feels likes. You play 'Mortal Combat'? Let me show you real.

    We have a over a decade of veterans to whom we owe proper and aggressive treatment and compensation.  We need to step up and pay attention as nation.  Some are not going to be able to handle their country's betrayal. Then we get Dorners.

    Jesus died to save you from Yahweh.

    by nolagrl on Sat Feb 09, 2013 at 09:41:18 PM PST

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