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View Diary: THIS IS IMPORTANT... and I REALLY need your help! (27 comments)

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  •  this is a very common fantasy rw-ers have been (10+ / 0-)

    indulging in for the last 4+yrs.

    whenever i visit my relatives in tx & la they openly talk about obama's assassination.  it's disgusting but not surprising (to me, anyway).

    what's really obscene is, neither the gop leadership nor the msm ever mentions threats on the prez's life & pretends they aren't real.  i guess it's too much trouble to report or comment on something so odious & obvious.  it'll only be "worth" it after the fact :(

    meanwhile, rewind 8 yrs ago to when liberals were protesting the iraq war & rw hate media was whining about anyone who even questioned the cheney/bush agenda, smearing them as treasonous slimeballs . . .

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