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  •  Yes, I had to (8+ / 0-)

    laugh at the dianthus story because I had the same problem.  Some years ago, I had a dianthus in a bed in the front yard that wasn't doing so well, so I tried transplanting it to a bed in the back to see if it would do better.  

    Unfortunately, there apparently was a blade or two of grass in it that came along for the ride.  The dianthus loved the new location ... and so did the grass!  

    After a couple of years of trying to pull up the grass without uprooting the dianthus with it, the dianthus died, but I still have grass popping up in that spot of the bed where the dianthus used to be.

    With spring approaching, I'm starting to wonder what climate change will have in store for us this gardening season.  Two summers ago, the yard was under water for almost the whole season after a record-setting rainy year (blew the old record out by a mile), followed last year by a drought (go figure).  What challenge(s) might we get this year?!?!

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