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  •  I want to say something (4+ / 0-)

    and it took the 12/14 massacre for me to figure this out but after each shooting I make a mental list of places to avoid.  I never got people who refused to get on an airplane because of 9/11.  But I have been doing the very same thing following gun shootings.

    Right here on Daily Kos I learned the shooter on the GW Parkway was the current NRA president's son.  Ever since that shooting I avoid the GW whenever possible.  Following the shooting at the Safeway in the Crystal City Underground I avoid the Underground all together.  The shooting at Montgomery Mall and that other mall in Virginia and late night/early morning new movie screenings?  My friends and I don't do that anymore.  It's not a conscience decision or declaration or anything.  I just avoid these places.

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