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  •  Yes Catte. And also to remember why. (7+ / 0-)

    What the opposition is saying is that the rights of the accused assaulter who is not a Native American for an assault on a reservation are so much more important than those of the victim that the victim must go sometimes hunreds of miles to a Federal courthouse and beg for help there from FBI and the prosecutors, so the accused can have his constitutional rights, rather than have the crime investigated and prosecuted where it ocurred.

    The claim is that the NA courts are not good enough, and that somehow denying the victim any real remedy is a better solution than improving the court systems on the reses so they have both the evidence gathering facilities and the court facilities to do all cases arising there, at home. The hope of denying Native American women equal rights is  somehow more important to them than the safety of all women, including their own, and certainly not worth spending actual money for  law enforcement and court improvements,  all it would take to cure the problem after all, which would be the logical solution if logic rather tha bigotry were driving this.

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