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View Diary: The Frog in the Boiling Water is Singing Outside My Window - Climate Change in a Microcosm (88 comments)

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  •  Bollocks (0+ / 0-)

    That oil is getting shipped now without the XL. It is getting burned somewhere and it will continue to be burned somewhere for as long as it is produced.

    The problem isn't the oil. It's the demand for oil. This fight is over. And if it wasn't over on the merits, it would be over anyway because thisPresident, like the ones before him and the ones who will follow, are bought and paid for. So the XL will be built whether if be for reason A or reason B. It will be built either way, and stopping it will have no long-term effect on the progression of global warming.

    •  KXL is the largest proposed or existing pipeline (0+ / 0-)

      coming out of the Tar Sands, that makes it the biggest target politically.

      Otherwise I agree with much of what you said.

      FDR 9-23-33, "If we cannot do this one way, we will do it another way. But do it we will.

      by Roger Fox on Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 07:12:04 AM PST

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