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View Diary: For the millionth time, no, Latinos are not socially conservative (97 comments)

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    I don't care what the New Republic says or what push-polls say, you distort the views of the majority of Latinos over thirty. The sampling was obviously among the very young in states where Hispanics do not gather politically or socially with each other.

    Their convictions on gay marriage, abortion, welfare are diametrically opposed to what your findings reflect. Try the Pew Hispanic studies for mirrored realities. Hispanics are economic liberals but socially are extremely and privately conservative.

    To try to build the liberal ethos around Hispanic opinion is lunacy. They abhor the GOP because of its overt hostility to equal opportunity, protection and treatment. They also have that cunning visceral fear that prey show when confronted with the predatory GOP. They know where they are hated.

    Having fifty years of political, cultural and social ties to this community, I can state unequivocally that left/right polarities are irrelevant to the Hispanic community. Like every other voter, the will seek self-interest and that will always favor the economic policies of liberals.

    Hispanics have been taken for granted by the Democrats for far too many years and now we are being embraced because the GIANT is awakened.

    You results are tendential among the very young and will probably drift left as assimilation does its work. Today however, your painting is as impressionist as a Matisse.

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