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View Diary: Hoarders: micro and macro-- think of your children (26 comments)

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  •  dunno about that; the kids have already marked (5+ / 0-)

    out what they want and I continue to collect stuff, mostly colonial coins, sub-Saharan blades, and books to a lesser extent while picking up Titanic stuff for the grandkids.

    I would say what is more important is to do what museums do and catalog everything, arrange to have it displayed or in a safety deposit box, and keep the provenance of each item along with the date, the amount paid and the amount it was estimated to be worth on the sale date.  This will assist heirs who have to empty things out after you die.  However, I also anticipate some of the family continuing to live in this house as the fifth generation here.

    (Note I am redecorating and so have also been buying Victorian door knobs and B&H and Rayo lamps)

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