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  •  Senate sounds unconstitutional (4+ / 0-)
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    Larsstephens, Lujane, lao hong han, semiot

    Since the CNMI is a US territory, the US constitution should apply.  The one man one vote rule was applied to the states about 50 years ago, requiring all state legislatures, both houses, to be apportioned based on population.  Thus small rural counties lost their automatic reps.

    The vast majority of CNMI's population is on Saipan, so the Senate should have at least 8 of 9 seats there.  Giving three to each populated island flouts the 14th Amendment. I wonder how they've gotten away with this.  It is obviously prone to corruption, as appears to be a risk here.

    •  I agree (3+ / 0-)
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      Larsstephens, Lujane, semiot

      I couldn't agree more, and the US constitution does apply.  The problem is that it was put into our constitution in 1986 as a bi-cameral legislature.  It will need to be tried in federal court as the only way we can make constitutional changes is a 2/3 referendum or a Con-Convention.  The last time we had one of those the govt. blew about a million dollars and resolved nothing.

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