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View Diary: The Two Frontrunners For Pope Are Black (51 comments)

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    Arinze was a frontrunner the last time. But as with all things racial, there were questions as to whether the church was 'ready' for a pope of color.

    Ratzinger was always suppose to be a place holder. He was old when he was elected and many thought he would serve about a decade.

    The Catholic Church, in the face of a more secular Europe and Cafeteria American Catholics, sees its future in the Third World, where conservative doctrine has taken root. They have decided that the church must become more "Catholic" versus catholic, so if their numbers shrink, at least their adherents will be true believers.

    Somehow, this situation reminds me of the GOP. The GOP is doubling down on their position (only now with a smile); it is having a hard time accepting the changing demography of the USA. The Catholic Church may be attempting to embrace diversity while holding true to their theology.

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    by never forget 2000 on Mon Feb 11, 2013 at 06:27:50 PM PST

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