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View Diary: A second LAPD officer steps forward to discuss Bill of Rights violations (191 comments)

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  •  Most of us can agree: (4+ / 0-)

    1) Dorner is a despicable murderer, who apparently killed the innocent daughter of his legal-adviser and her fiance' (then allegedly called the father to taunt him). He also apparently killed an innocent police officer and wounded two others, both of whom were doing their duty.

    2) There are serious problems in the LAPD (among other police departments), and have been for many years.

    3) There is no need to use Dorner as a source, to document the problems in the LAPD. There are plenty of other sources, who are not serial killers.

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      Sharon Wraight, S F Hippie, SoCalSal

      I'm greatly disturbed by what seems to be a tendency in some quarters to turn Charles Dorner into a hero because he's accused the LAPD of malfeasance.  He may be right, he may be wrong - that's still to be determined.  But no matter was done to him, he had no right to attack and kill others.  None.

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