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View Diary: Photo: Pope Resigns, Lightning Strikes St. Peter's Basilica (29 comments)

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    is out there much bigger, but I just went with what was on MSNBC. This strikes me hilarious, and I'm a professional clown. I know from f*cking funny, and this is f*cking funny.

    For all I know, St. Peter's lightning rod gets struck a couple hundred times a year. But this is (you gotta admit) such a great follow-up to this morning's announcement, being droned incessantly on all the news stations as lead story, as if it's some kind of Big Deal or something. Which, of course, it's not.

    But then again, I don't know many Catholics, and the less than a handful I do know don't think it's a Big Deal. I've always known that God guy's got a great sense of humor. Else, why the duck-billed platypus?

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