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    What a moving diary.

    Funny how these anniversaries creep up on you. This past December was the 24th anniversary of my accident. Like you, for the first time, I hardly remembered. In past years, Mr. NF2K watched me closely for signs of acute depression, because in some shape or form, the date would put me in a tailspin.

    Yet I remember that day pretty clearly. One might say I was on top of the world: I was medical director at a prestigious medical institution, I had married the love of my life just two months prior. And on that December day, at the age of 34, I found out we were pregnant. My life was ticking off the boxes, though some a little late. I called my husband to tell him the good news and we made plans to celebrate that evening. We were very happy: even though we were high school sweethearts, we had waited a long time to marry and start a family.

    I left work, unaware that a thunderstorm was brewing. I decided to drive through a park because I love the trees and the relative peacefulness of the ride. A sudden gust of wind toppled a large tree on top of my car, crushing the roof and my cervical spinal cord with it. The force of the tree falling was so powerful, it sent my car in reverse into oncoming traffic.

    Strangers came to my aid pretty quickly. I sniffed for the smell of gasoline and told people not to move me: I knew I had a spinal cord injury. Someone called 911. Someone else called my husband at work. Later, Mr. NF2K would say he sat at his desk in shock: he had just spoken to me 30 minutes before. But being who he is, he didn't stay at his desk. Instead, he got in his car and drove the 25 miles in rush hour traffic to get to the accident scene. As they were loading me into the ambulance, someone said "Your husband is here!". I didn't believe them: my husband was in DC. But there he was, looking at me.

    That day--the insurance companies called it 'an Act of God'--changed my life. I would be paralyzed, I would lose my job, I would never practice medicine again and I would eventually lose my first son.

    There is redemption and miracles and paths unknown before. This fall, Mr. NF2K and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage and our son will be graduating college.

    So I suppose I tell this story to say that I, too, never imagined a day like this.

    God bless you, TBM.

    Keep fightin' for freedom and justice, beloveds, but don't you forget to have fun doin' it. Lord, let your laughter ring forth. Be outrageous, ridicule the fraidy-cats, rejoice in all the oddities that freedom can produce.---Molly Ivins

    by never forget 2000 on Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 08:29:56 AM PST

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